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Dog collar

TPU pet collar is made from the TPU outer coated nylon webbing. As TPU is soft and fatigue resistant, TPU coated pet collar is comfortable and not easy to break, which makes TPU pet collar is popular with pet product manufacturers.

Pet belt includes pet collars and pet traction rope. Generally, a pet should go out with pet collars, especially a big dog. The metal-made pet belt is easy to lead to unpleasant odor because of the mix of pet’s sweat and metal. Moreover, it’s even likely to cause metal oxidation and rust. We can imagine how painful our pets are, but they can’t talk to you.

Common nylon pet belt also has a big drawback. The general nylon pet belt is made of thick nylon thread, which is easy to cause static. If dogs wear nylon collar for a long time, pilling and hanging of nylon collar would be the direct reason collar’s fracture. When a big dog like Tibetan Mastiff wearing such a nylon collar, it will be disastrous!


On contrast, the soft TPU coated collar is eco-friendly and no smell. Therefore, more and more modern household items are used TPU Instead of the previous PVC.

There are some of the obvious advantages of TPU collar as follow:

• Heat resisting: excellent high temperature performance and not melt in the temperature of 80 ℃ does not melt;

• Low temperature resisting: Keep high elasticity at the low temperature of -40 ℃;

• Comfort: Good touch and soft material to make it comfortable for wearing and do not hurt pet fur;

• Anti-mildew and anti-bacterial: Will not be moldy using in a humid environment for a long time to cause the psoriasis on pet’s neck. So it doesn’t matter for pets to swimming with TPU collar.

• Strength: With the outer coated TPU, the collar’s tensile strength is enhanced effectively. According to different sizes of tape, its maximum tensile force can reach to 100KGS-760KGS;

• Anti-aging: Choosing the high-quality imported raw materials, which is anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet. Therefore, it can be used for 5 years using in right ways;

• Easy to clean: After the pet playing in the grass or the soil, you just need to wipe the collar instead of brushing;

• Fashion: TPU pet belt can be customized as transparent or colored appearance. The color will change according to the change in the inner nylon webbing, and surface printing or pressing on outer TPU.



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