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TPU coated webbing used in safety field

When it comes to “safety”, most people will think about the security assurance, of which the most common but important measure is safety harness. Therefore, the quality and regular checking of safety harness is necessary.


Before producing coated webbing, Sunmolin insist on evaluating the usage of TPU coated webbing, and discussing with engineer to give the best program for customers. With the experience of TPU extrusion for more than 10 years, we are always trying to provide the best products and service.


But how many types of safety harness do you know? Here we list several types as follows:


1. Aloft work safety harness:

Safety harness is an essential part of aloft work. In the past, many harnesses are made from nylon webbing, but now more and more safety harnesses are made from TPU / PVC coated webbing to enhance the safety index of the harness. According to different usage of safety harness, it is divided into four types:

(1) Rail work harness: connect a fixed corner and worker by the tied harness to help worker works with hands.

(2) Zoning restriction harness: use to limit workers’ range of activity to avoid falling off.

(3) Hanging harness: when a worker falls off accidently, a hanging harness can protect him from touching the ground.

safety harness

2. According to the wearing ways, it can also be divided into full body harness and half body harness:

(1) Full body harness: it has several hanging points including chest, backside and waist. Generally, a full body harness can be disassembled to a half body harness and a chest harness. Full body harness is usually used in the occasion when the users need to head down like the rescue in a deep well.

(2) Half body harness: compared with full body harness, half body harness only covers the half body.

 safety harness strap

3. Bungee jumping harness

Actually, a bungee jumping harness is a personal fall protection system, which can stop falling effectively. A bungee jumping harness includes hanging points, hanging connectors, central connectors and full body harness. What should be concerned is that only the four parts are used together, a bungee harness could stop falling.

Bungee Jumping strap


4. Seat belts

When in accident, a strong seat belt may save a life.

  safe belt

Each piece of TPU coated webbing from Sunmolin is tested by pulling, peeling and rubbing before packing and sending to customers.

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leather texture tpu webbing

   Strong waterproof TPU coated webbing

    Width: 50 mm

    Thickness: 1.5 mm

    Finish: matte, embossed

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glossy tpu coated webbing belt

   Abrasive resistant TPU coated webbing

    Width: 38 mm

    Thickness: 1 mm

    Finish: glossy, flat

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