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Safety harness

Safety harness is the personal protection to prevent the falling of workers who are working aloft. Safety harness is composed of tape, rope and metal parts, which is applicable to pole, suspension, climbing and other high-altitude operations. In order to ensure the safety of the harness, to check whether it is worn and flawed. If the safety harness is damaged, stop using it.


Generally, the service life of safety harness is in 3 to 5 years. If there is any exception, the safety harness should be scrapped in advance. The belt and rope of harness should be strong enough while the material should be wear resistant, and clasp (hook) should have a safety device as well. If the length of harness is over 3 meters, it should be added a buffer.


When using safety harness, it should be fastened to a stationary object rather than hanging on the moving or unstable objects. In addition, it isn’t supposed to fasten to edge where is sharp, either.


Visual inspection that should be carried out before using a safety harness:

(1) Complete components, no shortage, no damage;
(2) No brittle fracture, broken or kink on rope;
(3) No cracks, welding defects or serious corrosion on metal parts;
(4) Hook is well formed while safety device is complete and reliable;
(5) No obvious bias on positional deviation, and the surface is smooth.


In conclusion, the safety of rope is one of the most important parts for a safety harness. Generally, the rope is made of nylon, which is easy to be corrosive and worn. However, when the nylon rope is outer coated with TPU, the rope will be stronger, which is durable, cleanable and waterproof. Therefore, it will be much safer when using TPU coated safety harness.

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