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How to get sample?

Send email to , or leave your massage in the feedback box below. Tell us your needs.


Is the sample free?

We can provide free sample in one or two meters if we have stock. If you need more or have special request, it will take you some sample cost.


Do you have two trademarks?

Yes, we have several trademarks. SUNMOLIN® is for TPU coated products. HDTAPE® and YUNZE® (韵泽®) are for TPU elastic tape.


Do you produce PVC products?

We focus on TPU coated products while PVC one is not our main products.


Why don’t you produce PVC coated webbing?

Because PVC is not eco-friendly, which may does harm to environment, animals, plants and human. Now, more and more medical instruments use TPU instead of PVC.


Is your coated webbing smell?

Our TPU coated webbing is stink-proof.


How long will TPU coated webbing last?

It’s durable and cleanable, which will last longer than leather and nylon one under normal use.


Do you have any certificate?

Yes, we did some test for tension and flammability of TPU coated webbing, and have inspect report.


How to pay?

You can pay by T/T or Alipay.


Can you accept customization?

Yes, we can customize TPU coated products as your request, including punching, cutting, printing, coloring, embossed, etc. Click here to get more.


How many kinds of products do you have?

We have TPU coated webbing, TPU piping cord, TPU rope, TPU coated wire. Click here to get product catalog.


Do you produce bus handle and dog collar?

Yes, but not our main products. Now we have our settled types of bus handle and dog collar. If you need your style, we are glad to customize for you.


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