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Gray smooth 25mm tpu coated webbing

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  • This type of TPU coated webbing matte and smooth. Compared with other type of TPU coated webbing in hardness of 85A, this type of webbing has more smooth surface. It refers to the processing method and raw material. 

    The gray coated webbing has the same surface as another pink pvc coated webbing at first glance. But because of the difference between TPU and PVC, the pink PVC webbing will be easy to absorb dust while the matte TPU one won't. In another word, TPU webbing will be easier to be cleaned than PVC webbing.

    But this type of gray TPU webbing is in hardness of 85A, while the pink PVC webbing is in that of 50A. So the PVC webbing is softer. To meet customers' needs, we developed new silicone coated webbing that as soft as PVC webbing recently. Let's look forward to the new products.

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  • Width: 25 mm    ;    Thickness: 2.5 mm    ;    Finish: matte, flat

    Product type: coated webbing

    Technology: coating extrusion

    Color: gray

    Material: solid colored TPU + white polyester webbing

    Customization: acceptable

    Usage: watch strap, belts, fashion bags, outdoor goods, etc.

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