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Black waterproof matte plastic piping welt cord

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  • Application of TPU / PVC welt cord

     application of tpu piping welt cord

    Why choose Sunmolin

    1.High quality TPU material

    Choose TPU material from Germeny and Taiwan, which is eco-friendly and no smell. Refuse reclaimed material.

    Oxidation resisting and wearproof. Will not exude white stive on surface.

    3.Waterproof and easy to clean
    As the piping welt cord is made of TPU or PVC, it is waterproof and easy to clean, and has the better shaping efficiency.

    4.No smell
    Welt cord from Sunmolin has no smell. Actually, the smell will not only make people uncomfortable but also does harm to health.

    Our factory

    Sunmolin Plastic Technology Co., Ltd is the manufacturer of TPU / PVC coated webbing. Our main products include TPU coated webbing, TPU rope cord, TPU piping cord / trim, fireproof bus handle and TPU dog collar.

    tpu welt cord factory


    Joye Chen

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  • Product type: piping cord / welting cord
    Technology: special shape extrusion
    Color: black
    Finish: matte
    Material: 100% colored TPU
    Customization: acceptable
    Feature: stink-proof, waterproof, eco-friendly, cleanable, durable, soft
    Usage: decoration and shaping for bags, furnitures, outdoor goods, etc.
    Description: 100% TPU waterproof plastic piping welt cord wholesale.
     High quality extrusion black tpu plastic welt cord, eco-friendly waterproof tpu / pvc piping welt for swim bags.

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