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Find a coated webbing manufacturer

More and more designers realize advantage of coated webbing. Coated webbing is waterproof and wearable because of the outer coated layer of TPU or PVC. Generally, we recommend TPU coated webbing instead of PVC one. Compared with PVC coated webbing, TPU coated one is stink-proof, strong and have better peel-off strength. Although the search engine can give us plenty of search results about coated webbing manufacturers, how can we find a good manufacturer?


First of all, we should set a target: what’s the quantity we need? If we just need dozens of meters, shopping site focusing on retail such as Amazon, Aliexpress and eBay would help us find out a suitable supplier. If we have a large demand of TPU webbing, and want to establish long-term cooperation, to search manufacturers’ official websites or find them on supplier site like Alibaba is a easy way.


Finding out manufacturers is not a hard thing, the hard thing is how to find a good webbing manufacturer. Here we list some references about a good coated webbing manufacturer.


1. High quality product


The most important one is the quality of product. The good manufacturer should provide products that meet customers’ reasonable demand. For example, a piece of qualified TPU coated webbing should be stink-proof, have good tensile force, have good peel-off strength, smooth surface, suitable color, etc.


2. Factory


Factory means more professional and flexible. That’s easy to understand. A seller in factory has much more chance to know how the product produced and how the machine works. Then they can give us more advice and help us focus on production process. Moreover, a factory manufacturer can give us short response time and flexible customization communication. Besides, that buy coated webbing through factory directly instead of intermediary can save our cost.


3. Responsible after-sell service


The customized product is easy to have some blemish maybe because of misunderstanding of communication. A qualified manufacturer is must responsible to solve the problems and give customers a satisfied response.


Anyway, a good coated webbing manufacturer should be respectful and respond customers’ reasonable demand positively. It’s products and service quality must meet demand of customer.

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