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Is TPU coated webbing better than leather?

Coated webbing is very different from leather. Coated webbing is the nylon or polyester webbing outer coated with TPU / PVC. It’s a kind of unique accessory. Although coated webbing is usually seen in USA and Europe, but it’s still a new thing for many people in developing countries.


So far, leather is still one of the important material in fashion field. We can see leather everywhere such as bags, shoes, clothes, belts and other accessories. Generally, we have an idea that there are two types of leather: real leather and artificial leather. Just as its name implies, real leather is from animals. The most popular leather is cattlehide. On contrast, artificial leather is men-made leather, whose performance is obviously not as good as the real one. But men-made leather is much cheaper than real leather.


Compared with other material like cotton, nylon, polyester and even plastic, leather can give bags or shoes classic luxury sense. It not only refers to the texture of leather, but also relates to its price from different animals.


However, neither real leather nor artificial leather has good abrasion performance, though real leather is better than artificial one. So when leather is made into a belt strap, the request of abrasive resistance may dont reach to peoples expectation. Now more and more fashion designers would like to try TPU coated webbing instead of leather belt.


TPU coated webbing has different types of surface finish. It can be leather-look, laser shiny, matte and glossy. Besides the surface that isnt inferior to leather belt, coated webbing has better water repellency, tensile force and abrasion performance. However, we cant judge directly whether coated webbing is better than leather. Because both of them have their own advantage and shortage. The important thing is to choose right material which is suitable for you.

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