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TPU coated webbing price

Some customers only provide one picture or the size of coated webbing to ask for the price. Only one picture or the size can not help us to give you an accurate price. Because a piece of coated webbing contains several parts which affect the price.




Different size means different dosage of materials. TPU coated webbing contains TPU raw material and inner braided polyester webbing. Thicker and wider coated webbing should use lager size of inner webbing and use more TPU to coat. Thus, a piece of thicker and wider coated webbing will have higher price than thinner or narrower one.




In one hand, The close-knit webbing will have higher price. In another hand, TPU raw material has its own quality level. For instance, Taiwan TPU material is better than domestic one; German TPU material has better yellow-resisting property than Taiwan material. Of course, better TPU has higher price.


3.Special request


Our common TPU coated webbing includes two types. The one is clear TPU coated white webbing while the other one is solid black TPU coated white webbing. Some clients prefer other colors such as red, blue, tiffany or colorful. For clear TPU coated one, we should dye the inner webbing. This is a step that produces cost. For solid-colored one, we need to mix your colors for TPU material. After producing, we have to clear away the residuary colored material in the machine with clean TPU material. These two steps also produce cost. Moreover, if clients request better peel strength or special surface, that will cost more.



TPU coated webbing is a customized product. Different request from clients will leads to different price. Hope that this article can help you.

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