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Bus handle with TPU coated webbing

Usually, we see the bus handle like this: braided nylon webbing assembled with plastic handle. Say the least of it, the nylon webbing bus handle is the most common handle for bus or subway in China. Here are the pictures.

This kind of bus handle is not expensive, but the nylon webbing is not strong enough. Besides, it is easy to get worn or dirty.

Therefore, more and more nylon bus handles were displaced by TPU coated webbing bus handle, which is the bus handle use TPU coated webbing rather than braided nylon webbing. TPU coated webbing is the braided polyester webbing outer coated with TPU. The TPU surface helps webbing to be waterproof, wear-proof and even stronger. Some are worried about the smell and harmful substance of coated webbing. By making of high quality TPU material, TPU coated webbing from SUNMOLIN is stink-proof and pass hazardous substance test for public transport means. Moreover, TPU coated webbing can be fireproof. This is a special kind of TPU coated webbing made of flame proof TPU material.

When fired, fireproof TPU coated webbing has no flaming droplets while the quantity of smoke generation is in safety range. Besides, the content of toxicant in smoke and gas is also in safety range. 

tpu coated webbing bus handle fireproof tpu coated webbing bus handle

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