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Medical devices

From beginning of 2020 till now, we are still suffering the Covid-19 ( corona virus ). Thus medical devices are badly in needed. For the fixing straps that used in medical devices, besides the bearing load, the safety when products are using is another point need to be concerned.

tpu webbing used in medical devices

For example, when medical device is used on a special patient, it is inevitable that the medical device get dirty or contaminated, then the device has to be cleaned and disinfected. This operation is important to ensure the safety of next user.


Besides the devices, straps that used to fix patients’ body must also be waterproof, impermeable, antibacterial and even mildew resistant.


Therefore, some medical device manufacturers in Europe and the United States have started to use TPU coated webbing or purely extruded TPU straps as fixed belt (also called " anti bacterial straps") for medical devices. At present, TPU webbing is wildly used in medical stretchers.


TPU coated webbing and TPU straps are mainly made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer). TPU has good biocompatibility, and is non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-pyrogen, which can touch skin directly and will not lead to irritation. The waterproof feature of the TPU webbing allows it become much more easy to be cleaned.


Here we talk about the difference between pure extruded TPU strap and TPU coated webbing.


Pure extruded TPU straps has elasticity, which depends on its thickness and raw material. The thicker it is, the less elasticity it is. The harder raw material it made of, the less elasticity it is. However, TPU coated webbing is the polyester webbing outer coated with TPU, which has no elasticity. But it has better bearing load ability than pure extruded TPU strap and braided polyester webbing.

black waterproof tpu coated webbing pure extruded tpu strap

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