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Clothesline can be seen everywhere. In the past, people use clothesline made of nylon or steel wire. But nylon clothesline has lower weight capacity so that it’s easy to fracture. Then the steel wire one is difficult to be cleaned and not flexible enough. Now, there is a kind of new clothesline made from TPU coated webbing. 


That is a flexible clothesline which can be stretched out and drawn back. this kind of clothesline is suitable for using inside of house. Just think what if your clothes was still humid after drying for two days in the long wet season? TPU clothesline can help you hang and dry your clothes inside without occupies large space. Then why choose TPU coated webbing as the part of clothesline?

Firstly, TPU gives the smooth and flat appearance for coated webbing, which decreases the friction to help TPU clothesline be stretched and drawn. Secondly, TPU coated webbing is the polyester webbing outer coated with TPU. It is not only not easy to rupture but also provides enough load-weight capacity for clothesline. Thirdly, TPU coated webbing still retains the softness and flexibility of braided webbing generally. So it’s convenient to be stored because TPU clothesline occupies less storage space. Next, within TPU on the surface, the clothesline is easy to be cleaned.

There are some TPU coated webbing from Sunmolin as follow. If you are interested in, please contact us.


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