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The tpu coated webbing soak in the water

Recently, we carried out a waterproof test of the tpu coated webbing and the ordinary webbing. Before one month, We soak the black coated webbing and the ordinary white webbing in water. What kind of changes will happen to the two webbings after one month of soaking in water?

TPU coated webbing soak in water

As shown in the experimental results, we can clearly see that the surface of the black tpu coated webbing has not changed, the water quality is still clear, and the white ordinary webbing has undergone significant changes,the yarn has also begun to fall off. The most important thing is that when the white webbing leaves the water, its surface is still attached with moisture,cannot be removed by a simple wiping like a black tpu coated webbing.

It can be seen that the ordinary nylon webbing is not waterproof.

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