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The future direction of TPU

      As the shoe, machinery, pipe, automotive, construction and other industries developed rapidly, and more and more wear-resistant materials using TPU, the global demand for TPU growing, the annual compound growth rate of 6.6%, a foreign release Report shows that by 2015, the global TPU market demand will continue to maintain an annual growth rate of 5.6% growth.

and TPU film with the unit price gradually reduced and the EU pvc and other materials such as restrictions, TPU material cost-effective gradually highlighted, while TPU's superior performance and environmental characteristics are increasingly welcomed by consumers, the global TPU 2015 The demand for materials will reach 75 million tons.
  TPU industry in the global context of the relative imbalance in Europe and the United States developed countries, TPU industry is relatively mature in China and Southeast Asia, due to industrial transfer, these areas of sports shoes, cars, machinery, clothing and other industries rapid development, and gradually become The world's processing plants, TPU industry has been rapid development. Among them, Asia is the world's largest TPU market, its demand accounts for about 60% of the world, Europe, Middle East and Africa accounted for 24% of TPU demand.
  In terms of demand, footwear is the largest TPU end-use sector by 2012, accounting for 38% of the total market, with a consumption of 133015 tonnes, followed by engineering products (28%), approximately 111730 Ton. Ranked third is the car, accounting for 11% of the total market.
  Since the 21st century, China's TPU material in the shoe, roller, roller, pipe, adhesive, synthetic leather, melt spandex, thin film and other fields of the huge market. 2012 domestic market consumption of 249,000 tons, mainly in the low-end products for adhesives, melt spinning spandex, film and other areas of high-end products, the current domestic product quality is still poor and unstable, and small, mainly rely on Europe, US imports.
  TPU general situation is Europe, the United States imports, Taiwan, South Korea in the mainland plant products and production of Chinese products one-third of the world, but China is in a weak position.
  Foreign enterprises are mostly diversified product manufacturers, products related to the polyurethane industry chain multiple links. And foreign enterprises more types of products, TPU film is one of a variety of materials, product mix is strong.
  Taiwan's product structure and more for the TPU film and other plastic products constitute the company's main product. Taiwan's enterprise products are mainly concentrated in the pneumatic tube, shoe materials, adhesives and other markets. In addition to Taiwan-based chemical production TPU film, but also the production of TPU seals, pneumatic pipe, conveyor belt and other related TPU products. Taiwan's high tripod chemical production TPU particles, and the extension of TPU particle production line to TPU film.
  As China's TPU business started late, few foreign companies to break through the monopoly of raw materials technology, only a few companies such as Yantai Wanhua independent production of MDI and other raw materials, the vast majority can only rely on imports, resulting in the industry-dependent dependence on imports , And domestic enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises is also a commercial competition, advanced technology must be monopolized. So TPU enterprises in China mainly for low-end TPU film market in China, while TPU film production technology and production experience of a higher threshold, resulting in the current stage of China's professional TPU film production enterprises less concentrated industry. TPU film manufacturers in China the highest degree of specialization, is characterized by the production of TPU film types, covering a wide range of TPU film market.

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