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Why should we use recycled plastic material?

In the past, human sacrificed environment to develop economy. Inspiring environmental pollution, people settled big factories, killed wide animals and cut down trees. The industrial revolution and economic development brought people lots of treasure and money, but the rude way of development also destroyed environment. Finally, human must bear the bad result of environmental destroy.


So far, people and governments realize that sustainable development should base on environmental protection. Governments made many policies to manage and protect environment, including managed factories and made environmental standard.


GRS, with its full name Global Recycled Standard, is a standard for environmental protection for textile industry. GRS contains four requirements: traceability, environmental protection, social responsibility, regeneration label and general principle. For the requirement of regeneration, enterprises are supposed to supply products that contain over 20% recyclable material.


In recent years, many enterprises have joined environmental protection plan. Hermes announced to never use crocodile skin making bags. Moreover, some famous brand such as GAP, H&M and INDITEX, TARGET require that their products should use recycled material or organic material.


Therefore, environmental protection is the tendency. SUNMOLIN focus on TPU coated products. To respond to the call from governments and society, SUNMOLIN choose TPU instead of PVC. TPU is a kind of degradable plastic material, and has no harm to human or animals.

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