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Choose tpu coated webbing or ordinary webbing

The plastic coated webbing strap has two materials: Tpu coated webbing and PVC coated webbing. Of course, we recommend TPU coated webbing because it is very eco friendly.types of ordinary webbing are nylon webbing,polyester webbing,and Kevlar flame retardant webbing etc.

Pink waterproof plastic coated webbing wholesale clear TPU + dyed polyester webbing

In my opinion, the choice of tpu coated webbing or ordinary webbing needs to be judged according to the specific situation. For example, If you want the pet collar to be waterproof and easy to clean, then the pet collar made of tpu coated webbing is the best, because the tpu coated webbing is waterproof and easy to clean, while ordinary webbing does not have such features.If you just need ordinary webbing and don't need the webbing to have other features, then you can choose a ordinary webbing, because its price is much cheaper than that of the tpu coated webbing, but the ordinary webbing has poor wear resistance and is not easy to clean, which makes it have a short service life, so we still recommend the choice of tpu coated nylon webbing.

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