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What will happen on bad coated dog collar

Yesterday, I received a coated dog collar from a client. Once I got it, the sticky touch of the pet collar make me uncomfortable. But what was worse was that the outer coated plastic chapped and fell off.

bad dog collars


Because of the sticky appearance, I casually scrubbed the collar with tissue. Just as you can see in the photo below, the collar was fading.



In order to show it more clear to you, I made a video.


bad tpu coated pet collars

bad tpu coated pet collars

Actually, some manufacturers choose bad raw materials for pet collars to cut the cost. In the shop, we always see lots of products with different price. Some are higher and some are lower. Sometimes we can even see some products with super cheap price, especially on online shops. However, some cheap products may just look like the expensive products at the beginning. Few time later, cheap products will go bad while expensive products just look like what they were before. If buyers know this fact, will they still choose the cheap one?


In my view, no matter kitty or puppy is one of the family members, maybe just like a son or daughter. I think owners would like to give the best to their pets. So a pet collar for puppies or kitties should owns several features.

1. Made of eco-friendly raw materials. For instance, good TPU coated dog collar with zinc alloy buckle.

2. Be comfortable. For instance, appearance of pet collar should be non-sticky, smooth and soft.

3. Be strong enough. Should not chap when folded. In addition, choosing a suitable pet collar should based on pets’ size.

4. If the pet collar is dyed, it can’t fade.


The outer coated TPU of this pet collar is Taiwan TPU raw material, and the inner webbing is strong polyester webbing. The buckle and rivets are made of stainless zinc alloy. (For Taiwan TPU raw material, Sunmolin has used it for 13 years. The products made of Taiwan TPU are approved by our customers and industry.)


Finally, in one word, low price is not equal with high cost-effective.


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