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What kind of bus handle do you like?

In the bus, we have seen many kinds of different bus handle. When we get a seat, it’s must the best, but when there is no seat left in the bus, bus handles are for us. Then we have a question that what kind of bus handle does you like?


1.Circular-shaped bus handle

The circular bus handle is made of rubber, which is durable and has strong wear. When passenger’s holding this kind of handle, the suddenly breaking of handle may don’t need to consider.

bus handle bar 


2.TPU coated webbing design bus handle

TPU coated webbing design bus handle is one of the most popular bus handle in European countries. This kind of bus handle is easy to catch and smooth. For passengers, the using experience is much better than the hard plastic one while it is durable and safe for governments.


TPU coated bus handle 


3.Hard plastic bus handle

This kind of bus handle is more usually appears in Asian countries, which is harder and cheaper than coated bus handle. Of course, it may be too hard and uncomfortable for passengers. In addition, the hard plastic is much easier than the soft plastic to break off, and the nylon webbing that used to connect the whole bus handle is also easy to be worn, which is not safe enough.

 hard plastic bus handle 



4.Hard plastic handle connected with TPU coated webbing

Hard plastic handle connected with TPU coated webbing instead of nylon webbing is not easy to break off compared with the bus handle in the third point.

bus handle strap 


5.The most simple bus handle

This kind of handle is the most simple bus handle I’ve ever seen. But it’s may not flexible enough in the moving bus. Moreover, it’s easy to store bacteria.



6.Advertising bus handle

Advertising bus handle doesn’t have much impact on passengers, but it does important for bus operator.

 advertising bus handle  


7. Fire resistant bus handle

If the bus was in accident, that trying the best to decrease the hurt of passengers is an important thing. Fire resistant bus handle can help to decrease the hurt of fire from passengers. As we know, normalized plastic is easy to melt in fire, but a special flame proof bud handle only have smoke, for which, passengers would not be scalded or burned by bus handle.

tpu coated webbingbus handle strap 

Ps:The application pictures in this article is from internet.

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