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Advantage of TPU coated horse harness

Generally, most of horse harnesses are made of nylon webbing or leather webbing. However, people found that it’s not easy to maintain the nylon or leather horse harness. With the TPU coated horse harness, some problems can be solved.

horse halter


1. Repair

Both nylon and leather are not strong enough to anti-wear, which leading to the frequently repair and replacement.

In addition, leather horse harness should be daubed maintain oil usually to avoid desiccation and breaking.

On contrary, TPU coated horse harness is strong enough to anti-wear and not easy to break.


2. Clean

To clean nylon harness is not easy while to clean leather harness should be too careful. When cleaning leather harness, the duster should not be too wet or too hot. If there is some obstinate dirt on leather, common soap or detergent is not supposed to use on it. After cleaning, dry the leather harness and daub maintaining oil.

When using TPU coated harness, cleaning become an easy job. You just need to wet the duster and scrub the harness, and then the harness just looked like a new one.


3. Use

When riding on a horse with leather or nylon harness, sweat will corrode the harness and the horse will be uncomfortable. However, TPU coated harness can solve this problem as it’s waterproof.

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