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Hiking boots

Recently, more and more people join into mountaineering. As mountaineering has potential dangerous, a sort of good equipage is important.

The basic equipages are waterproof hiking clothes and hiking boots.

A pair of good hiking boot has hard toe caps to get away the hard snow, ice or gravel. After all, during mountaineering, you must walk on rough. So on the other hand, a good hiking boot must be quiet suitable for your feet. First, no seam line inside to make you uncomfortable. Secondly, not too tide or too loose. The tide shoes will press the feet and lead to poor circulation, which is easy to result into freezing injury of feet. On contrast, the loose shoes will let you easy to get a blister.



In addition, hiking boots should be waterproof to protect the feet. It’s known to all that water will corrode our skin if which soaked in water for a long time. For hiking in snow, one had invented a waterproof protection equipage, gaiter for hiking boots.


In the past, the bottom belt of gaiter is common nylon cord, which is not strong enough to be wear proof. Now, more and more gaiters are made from TPU coated webbing belts and waterproof fabric. With this equipage, people’s feet will be not easy to get hurt.


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