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Diving bag

Diving and swimming are two immensely popular water activities, demanding specialized gear to protect valuables from water exposure. While traditional waterproof materials are common in diving bags, the use of ordinary woven straps at the bag openings poses potential risks for underwater items. To address this challenge, an increasing number of diving bags are turning to coated webbing for a 100% waterproof, quick-drying solution with easy cleaning capabilities.


The uniqueness of diving bags lies in their use in underwater environments, demanding exceptionally high standards for waterproof performance. Traditional waterproof materials can offer adequate protection for the main body of diving bags, but the issue often arises at the bag's mouth. Typically, the mouth is sealed using ordinary woven straps, which are prone to water penetration, potentially leading to the dampening of items inside. To tackle this challenge, the application of coated webbing emerges as an ideal solution.


diving bag diving bag with tpu coated webbing

The distinctive structure of coated webbing makes it an ideal material for diving bags. Comprising an internal polyester webbing and an external layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the polyester webbing provides robust support and abrasion resistance, while the TPU layer forms an effective waterproof barrier. The use of coated webbing at the opening of diving bags achieves a comprehensive 100% waterproof performance, ensuring items inside remain dry and secure.


Compared to traditional waterproof materials, the advantages of coated webbing are evident. Firstly, its waterproof performance is highly reliable, completely waterproofing the mouth of the diving bag, ensuring the interior remains dry. Secondly, coated webbing exhibits a quick-drying feature – after a dive, users can simply wipe the surface to swiftly remove any residual water, making it convenient and efficient. Additionally, the cleaning performance of coated webbing is noteworthy, with stains, mud, and other contaminants easily washed away, maintaining the neat appearance of the diving bag.


In terms of manufacturing diving bags, the use of coated webbing does not introduce additional complexity. On the contrary, coated webbing is more easy to be processed than woven webbing on diving bags. Because of the special close method, the mouth of diving bag should be strong enough. To enhance the strength, manufacturers should add a plastic band between the webbing and the bag’s main fabric. But when they use coated webbing, the extra plastic band becomes unnecessary. After all, coated webbing itself owns enough strength. This simplicity allows manufacturers to seamlessly incorporate coated webbing into the design of diving bags, providing users with a more reliable waterproof solution.


In conclusion, the application of coated webbing in diving bags offers divers a more reliable, convenient, and practical solution for carrying their valuables. The 100% waterproof and quick-drying features, coupled with excellent cleaning performance, enable divers to better protect their precious items and enjoy a more pleasant underwater experience. This innovative design concept holds the potential to drive further development and improvement in the field of diving bags.

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